The Importance of Using All Natural Sun Protection Products

toddler applying sunblock
Don’t forget your all natural sunblock

No matter where you live or what age you are, it is extremely important that you pay attention to taking care of your health and protecting every organ of your body-including your skin. Sure, its easy to grab any old sun protection cream off the shelf and tell yourself that you are doing the right thing, but sadly most products that claim to protect the skin can actually end up causing great harm.body. Unfortunately, when you fail investigate the ingredients in the products you apply to your skin you open yourself to the possibility of various diseases and other problems that can seriously impact your quality of life.

The bottom line is that you have a responsibility to select products that are the healthiest choice for your body inside and out.

Let’s talk about your skin. It’s the largest organ of your body, and it serves multiple roles, including acting as a protective barrier to the other organs. Your skin is also vital to the role of releasing toxins from your body and it has amazing absorption abilities. You need to take all of that into account when caring for your skin.

Many people think that if they do not spend much time outdoors that sun protection is not necessary. However, the ultraviolet rays can be dangerous, even on cloudy days. You need to use all natural ingredients to keep these harmful rays from penetrating your skin and creating disruption at the cellular level.

You can provide some natural protection for your skin by wearing long sleeves and a large hat. Additionally, if you avoid going out in the middle of the day you will stay away from the most damaging rays. However, in many instances this is likely to be insufficient for you to have complete protection.

There are all types of sunblocks and protection products on the market today. The marketing surrounding them can be confusing at times, and you may be tempted to grab the first thing you see on the shelf rather than try to look into all of them. Most of the ones you can buy at your local big box retailer or grocery store are likely to contain harsh chemicals to block the sun.

The problem with these is that the chemicals can often do damage to your skin. So, you are protecting it from one hazard while exposing it to another! On top of that, you may even spend more time in direct sunlight thinking that you are safe when you are actually baking these harmful substances into your flesh.

Instead, find a protection product that is made with natural ingredients. Health food stores are often the best place to look for these products. Then, you can care for your skin without risking damage from the products you are using in your routine.

When Your Man Isn’t Himself – Combating Low Testosterone

low testosterone man on bed with dog
Does You Man Have Testosterone Issues?

Has the man in your life been in a funk lately? Does he seem low energy, lacking motivation and even sex drive? When the fun loving guy you married (or got into a relationship with) isn’t acting like himself it can cause women to worry and even question the future of the relationship. However, if your man is over 40 it might not be a relationship problem at all, instead it could very well be that your man’s testosterone is taking a nosedive!

Testosterone has been in the news a lot lately, but as women we often don’t pay much attention to this kind of thing since, at first glance, testosterone problems might not seem like they’d affect our lives much. But, if you love a man who is getting older, then it really is worth learning about the problems that low testosterone can cause and what you can do to help your man address this issue.

All You Need To Know About The Different Treatment Options For Low Testosterone In Men

First, it should go without saying that you should get your man in to see a doctor if you think that there could be something wrong. You aren’t a doctor (unless you are) so its best to leave diagnosis up to the professionals. This post is not attempting to offer medical advice or anything of the sort, merely looking at the possible alternatives that may be available to your husband following a doctor’s visit and diagnosis…

While plummeting testosterone levels is not a condition many men wish to admit experiencing, the thing to remember is that your man is not alone. All men will naturally see their testosterone go down a bit after the age of 30. Obviously if his level goes down very gradually it shouldn’t create much of a problem. But if it falls dramatically and he has a truly low testosterone level this can result in a decreased sex drive, emotional changes, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, and other unpleasant symptoms. Often men will tend to associate these things with aging; however often, this is not true and it is a hormone deficiency that is the root of the problem. Fortunately if your man considers these changes a cause of distress, it is possible to get treatment for low testosterone quite easily.

So lets look at some of the different options currently available:

The first couple pf options can be thought of as “Natural Booster Treatments” that you can help your man with at home. Even if you ultimately choose one of the more extreme option, that we’ll go into below, these natural T boosters can still be helpful to use in tandem.

1. Lose Weight

Not all men are interested in pharmaceutical treatments and would prefer organic remedies to low testosterone. The first remedy noted is a reduction in excess weight. Research has shown that losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can boost a testosterone level in men. Obviously there are many ways that you can help your man in this department. Helping him make better food choices is a good start, but you may also want to encourage him to start working out, or working out differently with the goal being to boost his testosterone. There are many fitness training programs on the market and choosing the right one can be difficult. It may be helpful to focus on programs like Abs After 40 that are designed specifically for older guys to help them get the testosterone boosting benefits of exercise without aggravating old injuries or overdoing it.

2. Reduce Sugar Intake

Research show that sugar or glucose can greatly decrease levels of testosterone within the body – approximately 25% in a study with participants who had a normal tolerance for glucose. Therefore by eliminating (or at a minimum greatly reducing) sugar intake and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the chance of boosting testosterone greatly increases. The fact is that most “weight loss” diets for men don’t work because they don’t support men’s hormone health. The trick is finding a low-sugar diet that your man actually wants to eat. The other key is making sure that his diet is free of soy and other estrogen producing foods that they seem to be adding to everything these days. Clark Bantram’s Testmax Nutrition System is one you may want to look into as it was designed specifically to support a man’s hormone health as he ages.

Next we’ll get into the more extreme treatments for low T that his doctor may suggest. these fall under the category of “Testosterone Replacement Therapies”…

1. Injections

The most well-known treatment for low testosterone is testosterone replacement therapy, and one way to replace the hormone is through injections. The testosterone is injected into a muscle and can be administered every few weeks either by a professional medical practitioner or independently. Many athletes utilize this therapy as a form of performance enhancement.

2. Patches

Individuals who are not keen on injections can choose to use a testosterone patch as a form of replacement therapy. The patches and gels can be applied daily to the skin and release the hormone slowly over a span of 12 hours. One of the most effective patches is a tablet-shaped patch that is placed in the mouth between the front gum and lip.

3. Pellets

A new form of testosterone replacement therapy is the testosterone pellet. The pellet has a similar shape to the patch; however, it is secured underneath individual’s skin instead of being applied daily. The pellet is placed underneath the buttocks and releases the hormone over a period of four months.

Whatever you decide to go with I hope that your man is able to fix his testosterone problem and get back to feeling like his old self again as soon as possible. Good luck!

Video Tips for Moms: How To Stay Irresistible To Your Husband

Many women accept the fact that the passionate connection that they felt when they got married will fade over time. Many people would even say that this is the norm in families where mom and dad live overwhelmingly busy lives juggling careers and kids. More often than not it is our relationships that suffer the most. We take our partners for granted and assume that they will always be there for us, which can often lead to neglect. But what if there was a way to keep the love fiery, sexy emotions alive in your marriage, even when you have a host of other responsibilities? A man named James Bauer says that there is a way to do this. According to Bauer, a somewhat mysterious seeming man, a woman can become IRRESISTIBLE to her man, or any man, using psychological triggers and the like. In the above YouTube video of James Bauer he shares his findings. His book “What Men Secretly Want” aims to educate women about the inner-workings of a man’s mind in order to help keep the love and passion strong, even when you have a pile of bills and a pile of kids to take care of. These tips may not be the answer to all your relationship issues (assuming you have issues, if not lucky you!), but they are at very least worthy of a thought. Agree? Disagree, let me know your take on this!

A Family Road Trip: Helpful Planning Tips

family in car togetherAre you ready to jump in the car and take your family on the road for a memorable trip? Road trips are a lot of fun, at least in theory. Visiting new or favorite places, being together as a family, and the memories created all can make a road trip a great experience. Unfortunately, the picture we have in our heads isn’t typically how things end up. With some careful planning, though, you and your family can have a great road trip that you can’t wait to replicate.

Read on to learn how to create memories that last a lifetime.

First of all, decide where you want to take your road trip. Is there a certain location your family has been wanting to visit? Or do you all have a favorite destination? As you decide, it is important to take the length of travel into consideration. If your children are old enough, they should be able to travel for several days, infants and toddler, though, will be able to travel as far, but they may not enjoy it as much.

Next, plan some fun activities for the ride. Depending on the age of your children, you can purchase new coloring books and crayons, bring along a favorite movie, or any other activity you think they will enjoy while sitting in the car waiting to be to their final destination.

Another thing to consider is food. We all get hungry and it seems that children especially do. Pack a cooler, lunch box, or other container depending on the length of your trip and the foods your family enjoys. When someone gets hungry, you won’t have to pull over, you can simply reach in your bag and get whatever you need.

As you plan the actual drive, don’t forget to add in restroom breaks. Getting out and going to the restroom is a great excuse to stretch your legs and get out of the same position you have been sitting in for hours. It allows everyone to relieve themselves, freshen up, and get the energy they need for the next leg of the trip.

In conclusion, planning a road trip takes a bit of thinking initially. By planning, though, you can create an experience that everyone enjoys and remembers for many years to come. Use the information you learned here to help create a family tradition that is worth repeating.

Sexy model posing in lake water in sunshineTraveling alone used to be something that you couldn’t even speak about. The fact is, it is no longer taboo. A lot of people have begun going on all kinds of trips alone as an increasing number of people are discovering the freedom that it comes with.

Not to mention, a lot of community meet ups and social media networks have popped up to make it a lot less lonely and much more social than ever. With the wide variety of digital and online resources, you should be able to travel alone better than ever and meet all kinds of new people along the way. In this article, we will be going over some of the top summer travel destinations for singles.


1. Iceland.

One of the best places to go travel alone is Iceland. The reason why it is the perfect place to go travel when you are alone is because it is one of the most user friendly destinations to get around in. There are a lot of different cafes and hubs where you can meet up with other fellow travelers and discuss all kinds of things.

2. Paris, France.

Another excellent place to go travel alone would be Paris, France. With a wide array of different cafes and bistros, you should be able to find a lot of different places to meet up with other single travelers. A lot of single travelers will actually meet up with one another and explore the city together.

3. Bali, Indonesia.

If you are ready to go and relax, you might want to check out Bali, Indonesia. With all kinds of different yoga, spas, massages, and beaches, you will have all kinds of different ways to really sit down by yourself and relax. It is no wonder why this particular country has become a staple for all kinds of different travelers across the globe. One thing that helps is that the food is cheap, delicious, and plentiful. Also, the cost of living is significantly lower which makes independent traveling much more affordable than other places you might think about going.

As you can see, there are plenty of different factors that will go into determining whether or not a specific place is good for single’s travel. For some, they might be working with a tight budget and need an affordable spot and for others it might be more about the ease of getting around.