When Your Man Isn’t Himself – Combating Low Testosterone

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Does You Man Have Testosterone Issues?

Has the man in your life been in a funk lately? Does he seem low energy, lacking motivation and even sex drive? When the fun loving guy you married (or got into a relationship with) isn’t acting like himself it can cause women to worry and even question the future of the relationship. However, if your man is over 40 it might not be a relationship problem at all, instead it could very well be that your man’s testosterone is taking a nosedive!

Testosterone has been in the news a lot lately, but as women we often don’t pay much attention to this kind of thing since, at first glance, testosterone problems might not seem like they’d affect our lives much. But, if you love a man who is getting older, then it really is worth learning about the problems that low testosterone can cause and what you can do to help your man address this issue.

All You Need To Know About The Different Treatment Options For Low Testosterone In Men

First, it should go without saying that you should get your man in to see a doctor if you think that there could be something wrong. You aren’t a doctor (unless you are) so its best to leave diagnosis up to the professionals. This post is not attempting to offer medical advice or anything of the sort, merely looking at the possible alternatives that may be available to your husband following a doctor’s visit and diagnosis…

While plummeting testosterone levels is not a condition many men wish to admit experiencing, the thing to remember is that your man is not alone. All men will naturally see their testosterone go down a bit after the age of 30. Obviously if his level goes down very gradually it shouldn’t create much of a problem. But if it falls dramatically and he has a truly low testosterone level this can result in a decreased sex drive, emotional changes, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, and other unpleasant symptoms. Often men will tend to associate these things with aging; however often, this is not true and it is a hormone deficiency that is the root of the problem. Fortunately if your man considers these changes a cause of distress, it is possible to get treatment for low testosterone quite easily.

So lets look at some of the different options currently available:

The first couple pf options can be thought of as “Natural Booster Treatments” that you can help your man with at home. Even if you ultimately choose one of the more extreme option, that we’ll go into below, these natural T boosters can still be helpful to use in tandem.

1. Lose Weight

Not all men are interested in pharmaceutical treatments and would prefer organic remedies to low testosterone. The first remedy noted is a reduction in excess weight. Research has shown that losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can boost a testosterone level in men. Obviously there are many ways that you can help your man in this department. Helping him make better food choices is a good start, but you may also want to encourage him to start working out, or working out differently with the goal being to boost his testosterone. There are many fitness training programs on the market and choosing the right one can be difficult. It may be helpful to focus on programs like Abs After 40 that are designed specifically for older guys to help them get the testosterone boosting benefits of exercise without aggravating old injuries or overdoing it.

2. Reduce Sugar Intake

Research show that sugar or glucose can greatly decrease levels of testosterone within the body – approximately 25% in a study with participants who had a normal tolerance for glucose. Therefore by eliminating (or at a minimum greatly reducing) sugar intake and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the chance of boosting testosterone greatly increases. The fact is that most “weight loss” diets for men don’t work because they don’t support men’s hormone health. The trick is finding a low-sugar diet that your man actually wants to eat. The other key is making sure that his diet is free of soy and other estrogen producing foods that they seem to be adding to everything these days. Clark Bantram’s Testmax Nutrition System is one you may want to look into as it was designed specifically to support a man’s hormone health as he ages.

Next we’ll get into the more extreme treatments for low T that his doctor may suggest. these fall under the category of “Testosterone Replacement Therapies”…

1. Injections

The most well-known treatment for low testosterone is testosterone replacement therapy, and one way to replace the hormone is through injections. The testosterone is injected into a muscle and can be administered every few weeks either by a professional medical practitioner or independently. Many athletes utilize this therapy as a form of performance enhancement.

2. Patches

Individuals who are not keen on injections can choose to use a testosterone patch as a form of replacement therapy. The patches and gels can be applied daily to the skin and release the hormone slowly over a span of 12 hours. One of the most effective patches is a tablet-shaped patch that is placed in the mouth between the front gum and lip.

3. Pellets

A new form of testosterone replacement therapy is the testosterone pellet. The pellet has a similar shape to the patch; however, it is secured underneath individual’s skin instead of being applied daily. The pellet is placed underneath the buttocks and releases the hormone over a period of four months.

Whatever you decide to go with I hope that your man is able to fix his testosterone problem and get back to feeling like his old self again as soon as possible. Good luck!

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