Video Tips for Moms: How To Stay Irresistible To Your Husband

Many women accept the fact that the passionate connection that they felt when they got married will fade over time. Many people would even say that this is the norm in families where mom and dad live overwhelmingly busy lives juggling careers and kids. More often than not it is our relationships that suffer the most. We take our partners for granted and assume that they will always be there for us, which can often lead to neglect. But what if there was a way to keep the love fiery, sexy emotions alive in your marriage, even when you have a host of other responsibilities? A man named James Bauer says that there is a way to do this. According to Bauer, a somewhat mysterious seeming man, a woman can become IRRESISTIBLE to her man, or any man, using psychological triggers and the like. In the above YouTube video of James Bauer he shares his findings. His book “What Men Secretly Want” aims to educate women about the inner-workings of a man’s mind in order to help keep the love and passion strong, even when you have a pile of bills and a pile of kids to take care of. These tips may not be the answer to all your relationship issues (assuming you have issues, if not lucky you!), but they are at very least worthy of a thought. Agree? Disagree, let me know your take on this!